New Box Designs Coming Soon (cannabis storage containers)

Bzz Box has some very exciting news. Two new box designs will be available in less than a week, and the original BZZ BOX will be 5mm wider with an additional feature. The original BZZ BOX and the new medium sized BZZ BOX have been designed to house standard metal rolling trays.

The original BZZ BOX new feature is built in magnets on the underside of the lid. A standard sized 125mm by 180mm metal tray will fit perfectly into this space. This will allow users to place the metal rolling tray securely and easily onto the underside of the lid. All other features will remain the same, including the extremely popular upright BZZ BOX rolling paper compartment.

The Medium sized BZZ BOX will not only fit a standard sized 140mm by 180mm metal rolling tray, but will come with it's very own metal BZZ rolling tray. Like the original BZZ BOX, built in magnets will be placed on the underside of the lid. Just pop the metal tray onto the magnets and experience true convenience and usability. The Medium sized BZZ BOX also comes with a built in combination lock relieving the user or worrying about losing the key to the lock. It will also come with a glass BZZ Doob Tube with a cork lid, perfect for keeping the smell of unfinished joints contained and keeping your box clean. 

The Large sized BZZ BOX is a truly unique design. The Large BZZ BOX comes with a  built in combination lock, three glass containers for various strains of cannabis, and a built in bamboo rolling tray with a design feature never seen before. The engraved bamboo tray's special feature will not be announced until it is available for sale. 

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