Meet Amanda Stamhuis

Meet Amanda Stamhuis

How did I get here? I've always had art to keep me happily busy, but at some point along the way I let it go without even noticing. It became a summer time hobby, at best, and I left it at that without asking any questions.

After developing chronic migraines and tension headaches I found myself stuck on the couch for a few months feeling like I'd lost all ability to enjoy my life. What could I do other than heat my neck, do my stretches, attend my appointments and stare at the ceiling? I booked a boudoir photoshoot for months down the road for something to look forward to. What does this have to do with anything? Well, I became inspired -- after looking at boudoir photos and practicing some poses -- to draw a nude woman sitting on the moon. I spent hours making the first piece. Then came the second one, the third one...the fourth one. All of a sudden art took me back, after I let it go, and it started to help me through my pain. It kept me going, it started to bring me back to life, and it gave me a reason to look forward to the next morning and not just my boudoir shoot months down the road.

I don't typically share a lot about myself, but I wanted to share this. I didn't expect anything to come of it, not anything other than giving me a little connection to the outside world again, but here I am. That's how Throbbin' Noggin Art was born and that's how I got here. A featured artist for Bzz Box. I want to thank Bzz Box for seeing something in my art and giving me this opportunity to share it with you.

You can currently check out the rest of my art on my instagram page and purchase my stickers on my Etsy Shop ThrobbinNogginArt



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