Meet Anna Livoni

Meet Anna Livoni

I'm an Italian Freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director graduated from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. My passion for illustration and editorial design led me to collaborate on various projects worldwide.

I enjoy the development process of an idea, from brainstorming and sketching on paper to the final result. I also love to experiment with different creative techniques, both digital and in print. In particular, thanks to the use of digital tools, I create vectorial illustrations, and I'm specialized in portraits. In addition, I curate editorial publications and print my designs manually with Linocut materials.

When I discovered the Lid Design Competition, I was impressed by the company's care for the environment and the smart solution of the Bzz Box. I'm a fan of bamboo containers, and having my design printed on the Bzz Box was a stimulating idea. I developed three proposals, each one representing a figure belonging to the world of nature. 

The Honeycomb's selected design is a repeating cluster of hexagonal beeswax created by bees to store honey. It represents their home, where they keep the honey and fuels the bees throughout the cold months. It is a fundamental structure for their life.

My website is:  Instagram @livonianna



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