A Free Stash Box?

Indeed, it's not everyday you wake up to learn that you've won a prize, but that is exactly what happened to Melissa W on September 20, 2022. 

Here at The Bzz, we celebrate not only selling you a fantastic original product line that helps keep you and your stash organized, but also celebrate commuinity through positive initiates.

In September, we introduced our Skull wrapped black stash box, and offered it up as our September 20th giveaway if you signed up for our newsletter. Melissa was one of the many people who signed up, and on the 20th of September was notified that she had won the prize.

She received it quickly and was kind enough to send us back some pictures of how she is using her stash box which we have included below. Congrats Melissa W of Wasaga Beach we hope you will enjoy your Stash Box for years to come.

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