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Stash Box - Large Bzz Box with Artist Designed Skull Lid

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Our exclusive Honeycomb Large Bzz Box features the winning lid design entered by Jessica Woodward UV printed on the lid. Like our large Bzz box, it is made from high-quality bamboo and has plenty of room to store all your accessories and stash. Each large Bzz box comes complete with three standard Bzz jars, a chalkboard marker, and a bamboo tray.

The beauty of this box is in its simplistic but high functioning design. Each of the three jars has its compartment, with the last one positioned perfectly to catch any excess left on the tray during the rolling process.

The chalkboard marker is perfect for writing which type of cannabis you have in each jar. Two compartments can hold your other essentials such as screens, pipes, lighters, roach clips, and even a small personal-sized bong.

With its combination lock intact, you can feel confident that your stash is safe while leaving the beautiful bamboo box out on display, with no one ever knowing what’s inside unless you choose to show them.

The Bzz box is a beautiful accessory on its own or at approx. 9”x 7” x 6”, you can opt to have the lid engraved with a name, initials, or saying laser engraved into your Bzz Box lid. Please contact us with your order number and what you would like engraved on the lid.

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Genevieve Hancock

Excellent contraption :)
Beautiful designs!

Five stars
HIGH-ly Recommend