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Large Bzz Box Gift Pack

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Our large gift pack features all the storage and goodies that you could want or need. It is perfect for the person who has an extensive collection and wants somewhere to store it all in.

This package comes complete with the following:

  •  A Coloured Limited Edition Bzz Box (Red, Grey, Blue, or White)
  • 1 Bamboo Tray
  • 3 Bzz Branded chalkboard jars 
  • 1 Stash Tube
  • 1 Chalkboard Marker 
  • 1 Bzz Brand re-fillable butane lighter
  • Lid Engraving


Once your purchase is complete, please forward the design, text, or image you would like engraved on your Bzz Box lid to us at The Bzz Box. Please let us know which colour you would like as well. Thank you!