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XL Bzz Box With Bzz Canisters

XL Bzz Box With Bzz Canisters

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Our NEW and IMPROVED XL Bzz Box has reinforced corners for durability, thicker exterior walls for more strength, and upgraded hinges, making it sturdier than ever. Also, notice the improved lid rolling paper compartment. This specific Bzz Box and container pairing is the one owned by Snoop Dogg, located in the green room at his residence. 

Made from high-quality bamboo, the XL Bzz Box has plenty of room to store all your accessories and stash. Often referred to as “the treasure chest,” it is quite possibly the largest on the market today, which is why it features a carrying handle on each side. This extra-large Bzz box comes with three BZZ CANNAsters and an XL Bamboo tray, which fit perfectly into the box.

 The beauty of this box is in its simplistic but high-functioning design. Each of the three BZZ Canisters has its compartment, with the last one positioned perfectly to catch any excess left on the tray. There is also an herb grinder compartment and a utility compartment.

With its combination lock intact, you can feel confident that your stash is safe while leaving the beautiful bamboo box out on display, with no one ever knowing what’s inside unless you choose to show them. Also perfect for jewelry and other valuables. 

The Bzz Canister is made of food-grade steel. Four clasps and an inner silicone ring provide an unparalleled airtight seal. There is also a compartment under the lid to place your humidity pack. It holds over an ounce and perfectly fits into the XL Bzz Box.  The bamboo tray is also included, as well as two pokers.


The Bzz box is a beautiful accessory on its own or at approx. 14.5”x 8.5” x 7”, you can opt to have the lid engraved. By selecting “With Engraving” at check out, you can add a name, initials, or favorite saying, or even send us an image you would like engraved onto the top of your box.

To take advantage of this feature, email the image you wish engraved along with your order number to

Unsure what to have engraved onto the lid of your Bzz Box? Check out our previous custom designs or our Local Artists' designs. Every time an artist's design is selected, the artist receives compensation." 

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Clair Stevenson

XL Bzz Box With Bzz Canisters


This was an anniversary gift - she literally cried. It is so beautiful and, for her, such a big deal. she is very organized but the stash and stuff was not, It was making her crazy. She loves, loves, loves it. So …. well done guys. I do not want to neglect mentioning - the customer service is outstanding - and that is, if I may be very, very clear, an understatement. Thank you.