The Bzz Box Is Green

We believe in being as environmentally conscious as possible. We take great pride in using bamboo to craft our stash boxes. Bamboo is naturally pest resistant, anti-fungal, antibacterial, 100% biodegradable and reaches maturity in three to five years.

Some great facts about bamboo when compared to wood, which also helps make it so sustainable. It requires less water, absorbs five times more carbon dioxide, and produces thirty five percent more oxygen than similar plants and most important, it’s current rate of harvest does not exceed the rate of regeneration.

When you purchase your stash box from Bzz Box, you can buy confidently knowing that not only are you purchasing a great product, but you’re also supporting sustainability.


We can customize your Bzz Box by engraving your own personal design onto the lid, truly making it one of a kind. Looking for inspiration or a design? Be sure to visit our Custom Engraved Lids Showcase or Our Local Artist's Designs.

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Saving Our Bees

  • Our First Bee Hive

    In keeping with our commitment, we are happy to announce that in the Spring of 2021 we set up our first beehive colony with a professional beekeeper to grow and maintain it.

  • Artist Of The Month

    Flakes Originals is our featured artist of the month. She has contributed several designs that you can choose from to have engraved on your box.

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  • Our Grinder Is Here!

    Our exclusive Bzz Grinder has arrived! This amazing grinder features our exclusive logo and fits perfectly into our Bzz Boxes. Be sure to get yours today!