Our Story

September 2023 - We are entering into our 5th year and our 5th Holiday season. The Bzz Box has gone from an idea to a stash box obsession. We have been listening to our customers and making changes to suit their needs. Each iteration improves from the previous. The original Bzz Box has dramatically changed since 2019. Thicker exterior walls, added corners pieces for durability, upgraded hinges, and upgraded locks. We have added 10 magnets to our Large Bzz Box design. 4 magnets for a tighter close, and 6 magnets to keep the tray securely into the lid while retrieving items from the Bzz Box. The feeling created when the tray sucks into the lid is a glorious thing. We have also spent the last 5 years improving our laser engraving abilities. Better designs, and better laser engravings. Thousands of laser engravings later, we know the type of design that creates amazing results. We know precisely how to set up our engraving machines for bamboo boxes for best results. We have improved. Our products have improved. Our guarantee is that we continue to improve.


- Jonny Bzz 


Spring of 2019 - my friends and I rented a cottage for the May long weekend. Pulling out our stash containers, we placed them on the coffee table. Individually my stash container was sad. An old shoebox from a pair of loafers I purchased years earlier. Set beside the other not-so-great stash boxes, it looked like a mix of school projects, lunch boxes, and Tupperware containers. Discussing our stash boxes around that coffee table led to the inception of Bzz Box.

We design containers to organize and neatly fit herbs and their accessories inside where they are safe and out of view. With four sizes to choose from with multiple design options, we are confident that you will find one that is perfect for you.

We are passionate about the world's bees and deeply concerned about their rapid decline in our ecosystem. Bees play an essential part in our ecosystem, from supporting the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants to pollinating the food we eat. That is why a portion from every Bzz Box sold is contributed to re-populating our bees.

- Jonny Bzz