Collection: Smoking Accessories


An accessory is a tool that can be used while smoking, or in the preparation to smoke. Typically for herbs, accessories facilitate the smoking process by enhancing the overall smoking experience. Smoking accessories can offer various benefits, such as:

Enhanced Smoking Experience with the Best Smoking Accessories:

Smoking accessories like stash jars, store your herbs in conditions that are ideal for the longevity of your herbs. Stash jars should be airtight containers that prevent oxygen from aging your herbs. With the addition of two-way humidity packs, humidity levels can easily be kept at an ideal relative humidity to prevent dry herbs or wet moldy herbs.

Smoking accessories like grinders, cut your herbs into small pieces, making it much easier to roll J’s, either with pre rolled cones or regular rolling papers. The shredding of herbs is essential to the smoking process. Depending on preference, grinders will shred your herbs into smaller or larger pieces.  

Smoking accessories like rolling papers can enhance the overall smoking experience by providing smoother draws, better flavor, and more efficient consumption of the herb.  depending on the papers, they can also reduce preparation time. 

Smoking accessories like refillable butane lighters allow the ignition of herbs in the windiest of conditions, with the greatest of ease. They also allow you to showcase your flare for style, as each lighter is unique.

Healthier Alternatives:

Some smoking accessories, such as organic, non GMO, bleach-free rolling papers, offer a potentially healthier alternative to traditional rolling papers with additives that could be potentially harmful.

Portability and Convenience with Smoking Accessories:

Smoking accessories like pocket-sized carrying cases offer convenience in the form of portability, allowing individuals to enjoy their smoke on the go.

Saving Money with Smoking Accessories:

Certain smoking accessories, such as stash jars, can improve the storage of herbs more efficiently, reducing waste and potentially saving money over time.

Aesthetic and Social Appeal with Cool Smoking Accessories:

Smoking accessories often come in aesthetically pleasing designs and materials, making them enjoyable to use and display. Additionally, sharing unique or cool smoking accessories can be a social activity that fosters connections among smokers.

Reduced Odor:

Smoking accessories like smell-proof containers help minimize the smell associated with smoking, making it more discreet and less intrusive to others nearby. Stash jars and stash boxes should be smell-proof.

Exploration and Experimentation:

Trying out different smoking accessories allows the exploration of new methods and techniques, fostering a sense of curiosity and experimentation.

Ultimately, the benefits of smoking accessories depend on preferences and priorities.

Smoking Accessories examples:

- Stash Jars :

All Bzz Stash jars are airtight. Upgraded stash jars have hygrometers in the lid, which display the relative humidity within the stash jar, and indicate when the two-way humidity pack should be changed. Our premium stash jars (Bzz CANNAster) are made of food grade steel and have unparalleled sealing capability.

- Grinders :

The Bzz offers 3 different grinders. All 3 grinders shred herbs in an easy effortless fashion. The walnut, steel, and glass grinder is not only a fashion statement but provides additional function. The glass provides a clear look at the herb once it has been shredded.  The 4-piece walnut, steel, and glass grinder has a fourth layer (an added kief catcher) at the bottom of the grinder.

- Carrying Cases :

The Bzz Ritual and Pocket Bzz are unique bamboo containers designed to place rolled j’s. The Ritual is for the home experience, and the Pocket Bzz is for when you are on the go. The Pocket Bzz fits into your pocket, purse, or golf bag. The cases protect your J’s from damage, and open and close in a stylish way.

- Lighters :

With several options to choose from, Bzz Butane lighters are refillable and resistant to wind. Sleek and stylish, the various options provide for a personalized choice.

- Rolling Cones :

Rolling cones make rolling a J much easier. With the Bzz Scoop rolling aid, you can reduce preparation time and roll like a pro.


Can I travel with smoking accessories?

Most accessories were created for travel, like carrying cases, lighters, and rolling papers.

What are the different types of smoking accessories?

Stash jars, grinders, lighters, carrying cases, rolling papers, and stash boxes.

Are there eco-friendly smoking accessories available?

There are rolling papers that are non GMO, bleach free, and organic. There are also carrying cases and stash boxes made of bamboo, which is an environmentally sustainable product.